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Community Land Trusts

Taxonomy Code: TB-3000.1500

Housing development organizations that acquire and hold parcels of land, primarily for conveyance under long-term leases, but transfer ownership of structural improvements (residential and commercial buildings) on leased parcels as a way of creating and preserving affordable housing. The land leases are generally renewable and may be assignable to the heirs of the leaseholder, but have "limited equity" policies and formulas that restrict the resale price of the housing in order to maintain its long-term affordability. The trust may also retain a preemptive option to purchase improvements located on the land at a price determined by the formula. The objective of community land trusts is to provide homeownership opportunities for people who might otherwise be left out of the market and to preserve the long-term eligibility and accessibility of housing predominantly for very low income, low income and moderate income individuals and families.

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